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 Sweet Creations for Your Bar Menu

Discover how to transform your bar into a hub of exquisite flavours and inviting moments for guests to enjoy something sweet.

Author: Federico Riezzo, Chef & Bartender

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Discover ideas for reducing sugar content while maintaining balance and taste, and pick up great tips on incorporating sweet into your bar menu with dessert and dessert-themed cocktail recipes.

Sweet Creations for Your Bar Menu

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These days, we enjoy sweet treat occasions differently, often choosing higher-quality drinks in smaller amounts or our favourite sweet treat with premium ingredients. We treat ourselves less, but when we go for it, we choose the best.

When it comes to indulgent, quality treats, Baileys is the best ingredient for cakes, biscuits and other desserts. Its versatility blurs the lines between dessert and cocktail, and it can add impressive depth, luxury and intense flavours to classic desserts like tiramisu or Eton Mess.

Sweet Alternatives for Sugar in Cocktails

With guests becoming more conscious about what they eat and drink, the many great alternatives to sugar make it easy to reduce sugar content yet still create sweet and enjoyable drinks.

Coconut, oat milk or natural sweeteners such as agave or honey help add the right level of sweetness and even increase the drink's depth and complexity.

Baileys offers Baileys Deliciously Light or even vegan-friendly Baileys Almande which makes a delicious vegan frappuccino when mixed with hazelnut syrup, espresso, and hazelnut milk.

Sweet Innovations

To bring a creative twist to bar menus, a few exciting trends to draw on for inspiration include sharing treats, togetherness, friendship, and romance, and saves guests asking for that extra spoon.

National and regional desserts, such as French Macarons, Japanese Mochi or Portuguese Pastels De Nata offer adventure and intriguing flavour pairings for cocktail menus or themed events.

While Clashing combos transform traditionally savoury staples into sweet variations such as Sweet Pizzas and Doughnut Fries.

After Dinner and Digestif Moments

Give your after-dinner and digestif menu a lift with a simple dessert or dessert-themed cocktail using Baileys.

Using fewer ingredients for create a simple yet amazing level of indulgence.For example To make a this Baileys Affogato, take a scoop of good quality vanilla gelato, an espresso and a dash of Baileys.

Another great and simple way to enjoy Baileys is in a Tiramisu Martini which can be seen here. It’s a little more complicated than the Affogato but still fairly easy to create.

Key Takeaways

  • The conscious consumer is looking for cocktails and desserts with less sugar and high-quality ingredients to make their rare indulgence worthwhile.
  • Menus can reduce sugar or dairy without compromising taste using coconut or oat milk and natural sweeteners such as agave and honey.
  • Baileys Deliciously Light or vegan-friendly Baileys Almande are perfect alternatives for the conscious guest.
  • The versatility of Baileys adds impressive depth, luxury and intense flavours to dessert-themed cocktails or classic desserts like Tiramisu or Eton Mess.
  • After-dinner is an optimum time to offer sweet-inspired indulgences, such as a Baileys Affogato or Tiramisu Martini.

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