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How to Improve Hospitality and Service Quality in Your Venue

Estimated watch time: 7 minutes 

The quality of customer service in your bar determines whether guests will increase their spend and return to your venue. In this video, watch Hospitality Consultant Anna Sebastian as she discusses tips for elevating hospitality in your venue.

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Key Takeaways

  • Develop a sequence of service with your team: Envision your service and determine the steps you need to take to deliver quality services to your guests 
  • Build customer profiles: Learn more about your regular guests, including their favourite drinks and foods, preferred tables, and special occasions. 
  • Learn how to speak to your guests: Use positive and soft words to improve the guest experience 
  • Optimise your back-of-house systems: Identify your most popular orders and busiest times and share this with your team to improve operations.

For more ways to elevate your hospitality skills, check out the masterclass on 'Building Guests Confidence'. In this episode, Anna Sebastian and Ollie Margan discuss tips for putting guests at ease, keeping culture alive and ensuring clear communication to keep everyone safe. 

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