The Awaited Genie

The Awaited Genie combines Mursik with Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, cardamom and rosemary to create a delectable, spicy cocktail that’s perfect for bringing a bit of diversity to your menu.

The Awaited Genie cocktail


  • 45ml

    Filtered Mursik

  • 50ml

    Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

  • 20ml

    Rosemary syrup

  • 1bar spoon

    Cardamom seeds

  • 0.99

    Rosemary sprig

0 units of alcohol per serve


  • 1

    Chilled coupe glass



    1. Filter the Mursik through a sieve lined with cheese cloth.
    2. Muddle the cardamom seeds within a shaker and add the Mursik, rum and rosemary syrup.
    3. Shake and serve in a chilled coupe glass.
    4. Garnish with a sprig of Rosemary.

    Alcohol content: 20g

    *Alternatively, use fermented milk if Mursik is not available in your region.