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Taking Care of Yourself in the Bar Industry

Learn how to best care for yourself and promote a healthy lifestyle when things get busy and demanding.  

Authors: Camille Vidal, Bar Professional & Wellbeing Expert; Rob Hobson, Detox Expert

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Working in hospitality will be the closest you get to being a Rockstar!

Camille Vidal

Achieve Work-Life Balance

Bartending can force you to go through long nights without much sleep, and many shift patterns make it tough to balance rest, diet and self-care between your work responsibilities. 

As a bartender, there are things you can add to your routine to help you maintain healthy habits and achieve a good work-life balance. With expert advice from Camille Vidal, a wellbeing guru, and Rob Hobson, an expert in diet and detoxing, learn how to take better care of yourself.

5 Principles to Master Self Care

Self-care can often feel like a chore. Instead of trying to do everything, focus on these six core principles from Camillie Vidal to help you feel recharged and rested.   

  1. Create a self-care routine - Take the time to think about how you will structure self-care activities into your day. This can help provide more motivation and makes it easier to make the changes. For example, when planning your weekly rota, be mindful of adding rest times. 
  2. Exercise - You may be on your feet all day behind the bar, but it's no substitute for a workout out. Exercise can help keep your body strong and fit and is also great for your mood. Exercise has helped many in the bar industry find focus and improve wellbeing.  
  3. Plan days - It can be good for the mind to spend the morning mapping out how you will get the best out of your day. Maximising your time can give the day a more positive outlook and help make your time off more effective. Focus on adding stimulation when planning your days, whether reading a book or going for a walk.  
  4. Work on your skills - One great way to care for yourself during free time is to build your skills. Adding new skills can boost confidence and make work less stressful.  
  5. Prioritise relaxation - It can be tempting to feel like you need to use your free time for socialising, but that may not always be the best option, especially after a long day. Give yourself the time you need to relax and rest. 

The Bartenders Detox

After a busy period of demanding work and late nights, it's important to do what you can to restore your energy levels and health. Eating the right foods is one of the best ways to do this. Rob Hobson, a professional nutritionist and author, shares tips on rejuvenating yourself through food.   

  • Gut health and digestion can weaken during busy periods, as meals can be infrequent and often unhealthy. Get more fibre into your meals to help. Ingredients like beans, pulses, vegetables, and whole grains work well, and prebiotic food like artichokes, bananas, and onions promote healthy gut bacteria growth. 
  • Food can help you beat fatigue. Be sure to eat food high in vitamin B, like eggs and bananas. Magnesium found in nuts and seeds is important, and iron in lean meats and dried fruit can also help.  
  • Late nights and busy schedules can badly affect your skin. Protect it by eating healthy fats like Omega 3, which can be found in salmon, avocado and nuts.

Green Goddess Juice

For the ultimate detox to make you feel better, prepare Rob's Green Goddess Juice, a smoothie packed with all the essential ingredients to make you feel better.  

It's filled with potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and vitamin C to help you feel better. The Green Goddess Juice Recipe includes pear and ginger to add sweetness to the drink to help it taste as good as it will make you feel.

Stretch for Success

One great way to improve health and wellbeing is through stretching. Stretching improves your flexibility, helps you avoid injuries and makes you feel good. Watch Camillie's stretching routine that you can replicate before or after bed

Key Takeaways

  • Self-care is important during busy periods to help avoid burnout 
  • You can make self-care easier by planning it into your routine 
  • Dedicating time to eating well, resting and exercising can help you feel better and achieve a work-life balance 
  • Prioritise food high in fibre, vitamin B, magnesium, iron, omega 3, and vitamin C during demanding periods to keep you energised and feeling well. 

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