Tumbler glass with zero alcohol orange cocktail with fresh fruits and garnish


Expert Guide On Low and No Cocktails

Offering great alternatives to your signature drinks can make your venue more inclusive. Learn how to craft and serve amazing low-ABV and no-sugar cocktails with this Masterclass from Diageo Bar Academy. 

Authors: Lauren Mote & Ryan Chetiyawardana, Award-winning bar owner 

Estimated watch time: 1 hour 16 minutes 

Serve Brilliant Alternative Cocktails

Create a more inclusive venue by adding expertly crafted no and low cocktail options to your drinks menu. Watch now to learn how to make signature High Tea, Boozeless Gin and Tonic, and other exciting cocktails like Keystone Snap developed by webinar guests Lauren and Ryan.   

Understand the everchanging trends of this drinks category and why these no and low options can benefit your bar.  

Key Learning Outcomes

  • To get creative with cocktails  
  • How to make popular no and low cocktails 
  • How low and no drinks can benefit your venue 
  • The current trends in this drink category 

Watch Now

Masterclass: Expert Guide On Low and No Cocktails

Masterclass Chapters

  • 06:16 - 16:50 - What are low and no drinks and why should you care?
  • 19:37 - 51:58 - Create low and no drinks that will excite your guests
  • 52:00 - 1:13:31 - Develop and promote low and no drinks

No & Low Guide Downloadable

Download this exhaustive guide to easily access top tips on how to create complex low and no drinks to enhance your menu.