Bottle of Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon gin beside two G&T glasses against blue background

Our Brands: Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon

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When life gives you lemons… make gin! Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon Distilled Gin offers a citrusy twist on an original recipe from Alexander Gordon.

Made with the highest quality ingredients and using 100% natural flavours, the recipe has been perfectly crafted to balance the juniper notes and refreshing taste of Gordon’s with the finest Sicilian lemons, transporting your customers straight to the sunny Mediterranean. 

For That Holiday Feeling

A zesty alternative to a classic gin that will sweep your guests away with the taste of Sicily. It is: 

  • A not-too-sweet, not-too-dry gin that appeals to the ‘in-between’ market of gin drinkers.
  • A fun, flavourful gin
  • Crisp with a refreshing taste

A playful gin that gives bartenders endless opportunities to experiment and add a little creative flair… Shall we?

Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon Gin Is Filled With Real Citrus

Savour the sunny spirit of Sicily with every sip of Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon Gin. 

Flavour Characteristics: 

  • Light 
  • Peppery juniper 
  • Crisp 
  • Zesty 

Tasting Notes: 

Juniper-led with flavours of lemon peel, citrus, and hints of thyme and quince. This is a smooth, fun, and zesty spirit. 

The Sicilian Lemon’s award-winning tasting note is its sharp lemon nose that is floral and slightly minty. On the palate, the lemon flavour intensifies; there is lemon verbena and lemongrass alongside lemon zest and oil, and a touch of bergamot.