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Johnnie Walker Training


Forget what you know about Johnnie Walker to embark on an epic journey of flavours, passion and fun. You will have the opportunity to:
- Learn the true story behind this iconic brand
- Discover how to get the best out of our blends
- Showcase to your peers your skills
- Have the chance to win a unique working session with the Blenders in Scotland

All you need to do is to sign up to the Johnnie Walker Bartender Mentoring Programme (free registration)

Johnnie Walker™ is renowned world over for its exceptional flavour, smooth taste and signature smoky finish, but few have fully delved into the deep layers of our blends – whether that’s our honest origins in Kilmarnock or our meticulous process of creation that lives on to this day.

This is your chance to do just that. This site is dedicated to you – our bartenders.
Here, we invite you on a journey through our pioneering history – where meticulous craft and expertise have been handed down through time – and into the future, where our team of experts are striving to pioneer new Johnnie Walker™ blends, the likes of which the world of cocktails has never seen.

Get the latest tips and tricks on the area of this site that never stays still – the blog, 'New in the World of Johnnie Walker™.’ Here, expect a variety of content from the blending team, Jim Beveridge, Brand Ambassadors, World Class bartenders and more. They will share with you recipes, stories and some other unique content about your favourite spirits and beyond. Remember that the blog is first and foremost a forum for you to discuss with those people, so get involve, share your own stories, recipes, photos of your own creations...

Here you can also connect with those dedicated few behind the blend – our multi award-winning team of blending experts who revel in the process of creation. They'll introduce you to science behind their art - the flavours, the spices, the craft and the care that goes into each and every bottle of Scotland’s famous export.


Find all the educational material you need here, but remember, this is just the first step of your journey. The second and third steps will take the most ambitious of you even further – with exclusive hands-on training from the very heart of Johnnie Walker™.

All those who have completed Stage 1 of the Programme will be given the chance to sign up to Stage 2 training and attend some workshops held in parallel to some industry events, which could be World Class local forums and competition rounds, a unique opportunity to discuss with and learn from the world’s best bartenders.'

A competition at the end of these workshops will send the winner of each session to Scotland, to work alongside the Johnnie Walker’s blending team, helping them create Johnnie Walker’s™ newest blend and the perfect cocktail to go with it.

Note : Stage 2 training is subject to availability by domestic market. And contents of the training also may vary as per market’s decision.

Sign up for free to a more in-depth Stage 1 course at a location near you.