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The world’s favourite gin and the go-to essential London Dry for the perfect G&T experience.

Production process

Only seven people know exactly how to make Gordon’s gin.

Triple distilled high-quality neutral grain spirit is passed through copper pot stills with botanicals and demineralised water. Botanicals include juniper -all picked by hand, coriander, and angelica root which takes two years to grow.

Gordon’s Master Distiller, Terry Fraser has over 35 years of experience and passionately ensures every bottle is made to Alexander Gordon’s exacting standards.

The master distiller lets the gin run through the still for around 8 hours, assessing the quality and consistency with regular nosing. Finally, high-quality neutral grain spirit and demineralised water are then added to produce a quality gin.

Flavour profile

Bold, juniper-led, with zesty notes of citrus and super smooth texture. It’s no wonder the world’s No.1 International Gin is also a multiple gold award-winning gin.

Interesting Facts

Perfect Serve

Gordon’s London Dry with tonic and lime

Gordon’s piney juniper forward flavours are perfectly showcased with quality tonic and a wedge of lime.

Other serves

Gordon’s Bramble

Gordon’s Gin Fizz