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It’s All About The Tequila Cocktail

Explore alternative tequila cocktails and discover why tequila is on the rise, showing the versatility and the lure of this trending spirit.


Author: Karina Sánchez, Don Julio Global Brand Ambassador


Estimated reading time: 5 minutes


An Introduction to Tequila

Originally created in Mexico, tequila was recognized worldwide as a top trending category for 2022. It has been gaining popularity over the years, showing no sign of stopping.   

This newfound love for tequila is driven by consumer desire for a premium experience and the rise in popularity of high-quality serves. People are looking for a more meaningful drinking experience, and they want to savor the experience of premium drinks when visiting a bar. 

Starting with a High-Quality Tequila

The move towards premium spirits presents an opportunity to reshape how people perceive tequila and highlight everything that this amazing spirit has to offer. What I love about the different varieties of tequila is how there's always a type to suit any occasion. Each type of tequila can be the star of the serve, in simple or sophisticated cocktails, as well as aperitif or digestif cocktails. We have endless choices to explore with these versatile liquids.

My Favorite Alternative Tequila Cocktails

If you're looking for some different ways to enjoy and use tequila in your cocktails, here are some of my favorite alternative serves that push beyond the classic margarita and paloma. I've chosen these five as they're simple to make in a bar or at home.

1. The Primavera

This cocktail smells exactly like La Primavera distillery – scents of freshly cooked agave and fruity aromas. In this cocktail, the beautiful combination of citrus, mint, agave syrup and Don Julio Blanco emulates a sensory tour through the distillery with a sip.

2. The Coconut Margarita

This cocktail is very sweet and brings the vanilla and toffee notes of Don Julio Reposado to the forefront. Cinnamon on the top is a perfect accompaniment to the slightly spiced notes coming from the wood in the liquid.

3. The Cazuela

Cazuela is a rustic cocktail and a popular serve in Jalisco. The ingredients have to be prepared in the moment using just your hands. The Cazuela container is also popular in Jalisco - it is made of clay and keeps the cocktail nice and fresh in a natural way. 

4. The Deconstructed Paloma with Don Julio 70 

The Paloma is another traditional cocktail in Jalisco, but more popular than the Cazuela across the other parts of Mexico. You can add your own twist depending on how you want to drink it. You can bring out the spicy side by pairing it with orange and chili powder, or even its sweet and sour side by pairing it with honeyed orange. Don Julio 70 pairs well with any flavor thanks to its vanilla notes.

5. The Hibiscus Morita

If you like to add spice to your life and to your cocktails, then you absolutely have to try a Hibiscus Morita. This is one of my favorite spicy, yet sour cocktails made from Don Julio Blanco, hibiscus, Morita chili, lime juice and agave syrup.

Key Takeaways

  • Tequila is having a boom so ensure you include it on your menu. 
  • A high-quality tequila like Don Julio can help reshape guest perceptions about the spirit.
  • It’s not just the margarita, play around with the liquid to see what alternative tequila serves you can come up with. 
  • Overall, tequila pairs with lots of flavors - especially spice and salt. 

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