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Flavour Profile: Gordon's Sicillian Lemon

Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon is a refreshing and zesty gin that makes an excellent addition to the portfolio of the best-selling gin in the world.

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Gordon’s has been producing the finest quality gin for over 250 years and can be argued to be one of the original innovators in the flavoured gin world when it introduced Gordon’s Pink. With this iteration, Gordon’s expertly champions the Sicilian Lemon, which is carefully selected and handpicked to ensure only the best fruit is used.

The flavour profile of Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon is exactly what you’d come to expect from a Gordon’s innovation. On the nose, it’s bright, zesty, and fresh. On the palate comes a sharp burst of tart lemon followed and balanced by a gentle sweetness and silky finish. The overall finish is a vibrant gin that awakens the tastebuds with a boldness that can stand up to many other strong flavours and ingredients.

In the cocktails here we have some great examples of lovely vibrant flavours accentuated by the bold and fresh Sicilian Lemon.


A zesty spin on a classic martini, with sweet and citrus flavours.


An effervescent, citrusy way to enjoy Gordon's Sicilian Lemon.


A delicious and zesty drink with a citrusy zing and juniper notes.

Key Takeaways

  • Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon is on the nose, bright, zesty and fresh.
  • Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon is on the palate, a sharp burst of tart lemon followed and balanced by a gentle sweetness and silky finish.
  • Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon's overall finish is vibrant.

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