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Diageo Bar Academy | Bottle of Gordon's Gin.

Gordon’s gin is the essential gin, brilliantly uncomplicated, which makes the most refreshingly vibrant G&Ts. A brand that has the same standards founder Alexander Gordon put in place 250 years ago. Gordon’s uses only the finest possible ingredients to create their multi-award-winning gins – that's why they all taste so good.

Renowned for their high juniper content, Gordon’s is affectionately known as the ‘ginniest of gins’ – a title that highlights their craftsmanship and passion.

Learn more about the incredible impact Gordon’s has had on the gin world. Watch Christie Knight showcase what makes Gordon's so special:

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The History of Gordon’s Gin

Building his business back in 1769, Alexander Gordon was passionate about creating a stellar gin. Mastering the art of distilling, Gordon’s Gin continues to be produced to high standards today.

Now the world’s number one best-selling gin, Gordon’s has a multitude of accolades that have been presented to the brand in the last 250 years. They include:

Using the same ingredients that Alexander Gordon used over 250 years ago, Gordon’s created the classic gin character to make the perfect G and T with a clean, juniper dominant taste.


Diageo Bar Academy | Gordon's Cocktail Shaker

In the 1920s, Gordon’s became a pioneer in the cocktail space – launching one of the first Cocktail Shaker bottles. This was the first ever ‘ready to drink’ variant and was in response to the growing trend for cocktail parties – an occasion to bring people together for wandering chats and a fun time!

From London Dry to Premium Pink, to No & Low Alcohol variants and Ready-to-Drink pre-mixed cans, Gordon’s is accessible for everyone whether you are on the go, at home or heading out for a day of fun.

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