Two Black Velvet cocktails in sparkling wine flutes staged with blue fabric and a cork of a sparkling wine bottle in the background.

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Ever think of adding a little fizz to your cocktail? Discover a few ways to shake up your menu.

Author: Padraig Fox, Guinness Global Brand Amabassador

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Open Gate Brewery, Guinness’s home of brewing innovation and experimentation at St. James’s Gate, encouraged the team to push their boundaries. From fruity IPAs to sweet stouts, we’ve created over 50 new beers in a range of flavours in the last two years alone. 

Beer cocktails are a fun and easy way to introduce guests to new beer styles and show just how versatile it can be. When a new beer comes on tap, our spirits team is excited to share their expertise to create new cocktails. 


Shockingly, beer cocktails aren’t a new creation. Believe it or not, but for over 150 years, Guinness has been used as a cocktail ingredient. After Prince Albert’s passing in 1861, the steward at Brooks Club in London decided that even the champagne should be in mourning and dressed in all black – from which, Guinness Extra Stout was added to the menu and the Black Velvet was born. 

In the early days of advertising Guinness was ahead of the trend, introducing a bottle label in the US encouraging its use as a mixer and on sunny days, a Black Satin (Guinness and tonic water) was recommended as a refreshing drink. 


LAGER – As the world’s most popular beer, lagers are great for cocktails where you want other flavours to be the focus. They’re clean, crisp, and effervescent, with low levels of bitterness.  

IPA – If you’re looking to add bitterness or tropical fruit flavours to your mix, some IPAs (India Pale Ale) boast hops that include hints of grapefruit, citrus, pine, resinous and much more! 

STOUT – Stouts deliver flavour profiles including chocolate, caramel, coffee, dark fruit and roast, that bring complexity and colour to cocktails. 

With many more beer styles to choose from, experimentation with different flavours is an exciting part of enjoying a new cocktail. Ahead of your next get together, here’s a few ideas to try out: 

Black Velvet

A glass of champagne with a splash of Guinness Stout.

Hop House Bellini

Peach purée mixed with Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka, topped with Hop House 13 beer.

Parts Unknown

Zacapa is shaken with cassis and almond and topped up with Guinness in this rich, interesting cocktail.

Wilde Oscar

Roe & Coe is stirred down with Guinness and orange zest in this rich, delicious twist on the classic Old Fashioned.


  • Beer cocktails are an easy way to introduce guests to the latest brewing innovations and flavours. 
  • From fruity IPAs to sweet stouts, Beer is a versatile ingredient. 
  • Whether as a dash of flavour or the cocktail base, there’s a variety of ways to utilise beer in cocktails. 

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