Six Baileys Drinks to Serve at Christmas Baileys Hot Chocolate

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Six Baileys Drinks to Serve At Christmas

Not many other liqueurs are as synonymous with Christmas as Baileys. Here are some of the best Baileys’ recipes to delight your guests this festive season. 

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Bailey's is one liqueur that bartenders will often use over Christmas. The taste and flavour profile goes beautifully with various other ingredients and aromas, making it a versatile component for many great Christmas-themed drinks. Combining rich dairy cream and Irish whiskey, Baileys is a smooth liqueur with a complex hint of chocolate and exotic vanilla in its scent. It is an indulgent drink and provides a warming sensation and a silky texture, making it perfect for the festive season. 

Baileys is a great ingredient to use in a creative cocktail as it can really enhance and bring out the complexity of other flavours in the drink. Ready to get creative? Here are six Baileys serves that will delight your guests this holiday season.


This Baileys cocktail is a delicious twist on the classic Espresso Martini. Creating this cocktail with Baileys results in a smoother and creamier mouthfeel. Serve as a digestif dessert cocktail for a defined endpoint of the night and be sure to use fresh espresso and quality vodka for a refined serve. 

Alter this Flat White Martini recipe by swapping vodka with spiced rum to create a Flat White Rumtini . Also add a fragrant touch of nutmeg as this will create a warming drink that fits in well with the Christmas season.   


Indulge your sweet tooth with this wintery wonder! Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur chilled with Raspberry Liqueur and a dash of Grenadine - all snowballs should taste this good!


The welcoming warmth of hot chocolate makes it a perfect drink for the colder months. Elevate the experience by adding Baileys in your usual hot chocolate serve to create a Baileys Hot Chocolate. The liqueur compliments the cocoa flavour, creating a more complex and flavourful drink.

Make this drink special with the garnishes, as you have many different options to customize the drink to your tastes. Line your glass with chocolate sauce and top with whipped cream and roasted marshmallows to turn this into an extravagant creation.


Offer Baileys Tiramisu to your guests to provide a refined and fancy-feeling Baileys drink that's actually pretty simple to make. The combination of Baileys cream, vanilla, and subtle mascarpone creates a rich, Christmas-like drink.

To make Baileys Tiramisu, just combine espresso with mascarpone and top with a mixture of Baileys and vanilla syrup.


Served in a chilled coupe glass, this decadent dessert cocktail is a great way to end a tasty Christmas meal. Shake Baileys with hazelnut syrup, praline syrup and milk to create the Hazelnut & Praline Choctail that embodies all the flavours and tastes of the festive season.

Replace the hazelnut and praline syrups with gingerbread syrup for another traditional alteration to create a spiced Gingerbread Martini.


Baileys Over Ice Cream is as classic as it comes. Great tastes are not often complicated and this serve is a fine example of that. Top your ice cream with 50ml of Baileys to enhance the flavour and create a smoother and silkier Christmas dessert.  

Indulge your guests with the simplicity of vanilla ice cream and Baileys, or play around with other flavours to find great combinations.


  • Baileys flavour profile makes it a great component for many cocktails. 
  • The Irish cream helps make for smoother, silkier cocktails.  
  • Baileys is a perfect liqueur for Christmas drinks.  

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