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Bar Basics for New Bartenders

Starting a new career in the bar industry can be daunting, but we have you covered with these bar basics, from learning the different roles and responsibilities, to how to use a jigger, to how to stay healthy as a bartender.

Discover everything the beginner bartender needs to know with Diageo Bar Academy's guide on bar basics for new bartenders.

Diageo Bar Academy | Bartender shaking drink

What are the duties and responsibilities of bar staff?

Before starting your new job, take the time to familiarise yourself with the different roles in a bar so you know what to expect from the other people on your team. These roles can vary slightly depending on the size of the team and whether the bar is part of a restaurant, hotel, or a standalone venue.

Diageo Bar Academy | smiling bartender standing at bar during shift

Advice for your first bar shift

Do your research. Familiarise yourself with shift basics like opening and closing procedures. Working in a bar can be physically demanding, so make sure to get plenty of rest before your shift, and wear comfortable shoes!

Diageo Bar Academy | cocktail garnishes

Learning basic drinks knowledge

Taking the time to learn about the basic drinks categories like beer, whisky, rum, gin and vodka will help you understand the unique flavours and characteristics of each liquid. This will give you a good foundation for mixing drinks, and for recommending serves to your guests based on what they enjoy.

Diageo Bar Academy | waiter serving drinks on a tray

Perfecting the art of service basics

As bar staff, our main priority is to make sure our guests are happy. You might be able to make the perfect Negroni, but if your service skills are lacking then it can take away from the enjoyment of it. Customer service is an integral skill for bar staff, whether you are part of the floor staff or the bartending team. We’ve rounded up the essential service basics below.

Diageo Bar Academy | bartender looking after herself

Looking after you

Working in the drinks industry comes with challenges. You are constantly taking care of customers, sometimes at your own expense. Time off, balanced meals, and your mental health are an after-thought. But hospitality starts with taking care of yourself.