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How to elevate hospitality

Episode 1 - How to make a good first impression

Episode 2 - Body language

Episode 3 - How to improve customer communication

Episode 4 - How to create a sequence of service

Episode 5 - How to create guest profiles

Episode 6 - How to speak to your guests


Ever wondered how to elevate your hospitality skills so that you increase your guests experience? This bitesize episode with Anna Sebastian and Tim Philips-Johansson answers just that.

If you want to explore more ways on how you can elevate your hospitality skills then check out masterclass on https://www.diageobaracademy.com/en_zz/training/webinars/an-expert-guide-to-building-guest-confidence-/">'building guests confidence'. In this episode Anna Sebastian and Ollie Margan discuss practical steps your team can make to put guests at ease, tips on to keeping culture alive and the importance of clear communication to keep everyone safe.

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