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Easter is a holiday celebrated with bunnies, painting eggs and of course chocolatey goodness in oval shaped form! However have you ever thought about using chocolate in your cocktails? We caught up with one of London’s trendiest venues, the Riding House Café to find out more about how they make chocolatey cocktail treats for their customers.

The Choctail

‘Choctails’ have been highlighted as one of 2016’s biggest trends - with consumer’s craving for sweet treats now extending beyond dessert and into drinks. In recent years, cocktail ingredients have gone beyond the bounds of traditional fruit and herb components to savoury, spicy and other varied ingredients in an attempt to delight and explore the palate.

Chris Hutchinson is Bar Manager at The Riding House Café in London he has been using chocolate in his choctails for years. He explains to us why he thinks the scope for chocolate infused drinks is huge for 2016.

“Chocolate in cocktails naturally appeals to the curious consumer - eager to try new experiences every time they walk into a bar. We knew that standard cocktails with regular components were widely available and hence we needed to think outside the box in terms of bringing new flavour components to our drinks menu. I love using chocolate, I think it is versatile, easy to us and boasts a depth of flavours which can add real ‘wow factor’ to drinks.

The challenges to using chocolate in cocktails are the same as any other fresh produce. You need to ensure it remains fresh throughout service and create new sauces and shavings throughout the evening. Ensure you store the chocolate correctly and make sure it is easily accessible if it something you plan to use regularly through a shift. One top tip is keep it out of reach of grazing bartenders! It’s honestly one of the greatest challenges when working with chocolate!

One of the main reasons we introduced chocolate into our drinks is that when a customer sees a familiar flavour, like chocolate on the menu, they are more inclined to choose it, even if they aren’t as familiar with some of the other components in the drink. This little bit of knowledge on flavour makes guests much more likely to explore outside their comfort zone and try something they haven’t tried before. I know many guests who would never touch whisk(e)y, but when they see chocolate on the menu they suddenly have a little more courage!”

Want to try and integrate chocolate into your cocktails? Why not try these recipe ideas from Chris at the Riding House Café and learn his top tips as to when to serve them.


This is great afternoon, early evening drink. We recommend serving it with an afternoon tea, or a light bite like a cake or scone. The tobasco and orange flavours work really well with anything sweet

35ml Blood orange infused JOHNNIE WALKER™ RED LABEL®

10ml Peated scotch whisky

20ml Beetroot juice

15ml Lime juice

10ml Chocolate sauce

1 Dash of tabasco

A pinch of salt

1 Egg white

METHOD: Add all the ingredients into a shaker. Shake with ice and double strain, serve straight up.

(1.8 standard drinks*- 1.4 units per serve)


This is the perfect cocktail to recommend to guests after a meal. The strong flavour profile is well suited to cut through a post dinner meal. If guests are looking for something to enjoy the cocktail with I would suggest pairing with a strong blue cheese or a rich toffee dessert to bring out the flavours.

As previously mentioned guests can be reluctant to try certain spirits they feel uncomfortable with, therefore this serve is the perfect way to encourage guests to try something new whilst also giving them some familiarity with the chocolate.


20ml Red vermouth

2 Dashes of chocolate bitters

METHOD: Stir with ice and strain in a martini glass. Served with an orange twist garnish.

(1.9 standard drinks*- 1.9 units per serve)


And what does the future hold for chocolate and the cocktail world?

“I think the demand for chocolate drinks has the potential to explode in coming years. It has already been tipped as one of the top trends for 2016 and my prediction is that we can expect to see many more bars thinking inside the chocolate box and incorporating chocolates in future concoctions! To anyone still in doubt as to why they should start seriously thinking of chocolate let me remind you of two key reasons. Firstly it is a great way to ease customers into new spirit ranges they perhaps haven’t dabbled in before. Secondly the curious consumer always needs to be pleased and this is a great way to delight the 21st century guest. My expectations are for choctails to venture beyond the afternoon early/ evening drink service and become a more regular feature in late night venue drink lists.”

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(*One standard drink contains 8g of alcohol)

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