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Cómo preparar cocteles sin alcohol

Únete a la galardonada bartender Mia Kumari mientras demuestra cómo hacer cocteles sin alcohol y elegir las mejores opciones de comida. 


Autor: Mia Kumari, Bartender galardonada 

Duración estimada de visualización: 55 Minutos 

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For some reason, you missed our live skills workshop on making non-alcoholic cocktails. Worry not. You can still watch the recorded workshop as award-winning UK bartender Mia Kumari takes you through the process of making delicious alcohol-free cocktails.

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Non-alcoholic drinks have become a favourite for many, offering a simple and flavourful drink to enjoy anytime. So, what better time to add this craft to your skillset?  

In this Diageo Bar Academy workshop, follow cocktail expert and leading bartender Mia Kumari as she makes three alcohol-free cocktails and shares her favourite food pairings for Seedlip [Lnk001] non-alcoholic spirits. 

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the process of making alcohol-free cocktails 
  • Get to know three cocktail recipes you can make using Seedlip 
  • Learn how to pair alcohol-free cocktails with food 

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How to make alcohol-free cocktails

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