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Stylish Cocktail Pairings for your Father's Day Menu

Designed by The Hawksmoor's Head Bartender, these cocktail pairing recipes will inspire and delight your guests for Father's Day.

Author: Douglas Hogg, Head Bartender, The Hawksmoor, Manchester

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Celebrating Father’s Day in Style

Father's Day is a popular occasion for families to celebrate their loved ones by dining out somewhere special. It is also a perfect opportunity for venues to enhance guests’ experience and increase profits.

Memorable Family Moments

At The Hawksmoor, a much-loved carbon-neutral restaurant chain specialising in steak, memorable moments are at the heart of everything they do. To inspire your Father’s Day menu, Douglas Hogg, Head Bartender at The Hawksmoor Manchester, has designed three specialist cocktails that pair with each course of their menu.

The Perfect Father’s Day Meal

1. Appetiser - Käpre

  • This homemade funky aquavit combines traditional Nordic ingredients with a light, sweet and nutty bite from infused coconut.
  • Shaken until velvety and paired with the freshest Brixham Crab, it's a perfect appetiser to excite any palette.
  • See Käpre recipe.

2. Main Course - Bone Marrow Gibson

  • The steak is topped with caramelised onion & melted bone marrow, making the dish super umami, rich and sweet.
  • To pair these flavours, we went with a Gibson-style martini as it already has these sweet onion notes, but we wanted to add a savoury edge.
  • We caramelised red onions in butter and sugar, topped with bone marrows for the pickle.
  • See Bone Marrow Gibson recipe.

Saving The Best for Last

3. Dessert - Dying Embers

  • Amaro and tequila is a flavour combination that works well together; funky and fruity notes from the tequila pair well with amaro's bitter and herbaceous flavours.
  • Agave syrup brings sweetness and acidity to drinks, but burning it also brings the flavouring of cinder toffee and caramel.
  • This drink works perfectly with the bitter-sweet profile of our sticky toffee pudding.
  • See Dying Embers recipe.

Perfecting the Art of the Perfect Father’s Day

As exemplified by The Hawksmoor, artful cocktail pairings for your Father’s Day menu can bring something different to your venue’s offering and help make this familiar dining occasion extra special for your guests.

Key Takeaways

  • Celebrating Through Culinary Experiences: As a widely celebrated occasion, Father's Day is an excellent opportunity for venues to attract more customers and boost profitability.
  • Elevating Guest Experience: By offering specialised menus and expertly crafted cocktail pairings, establishments can elevate their offerings and create lasting memories for their guests.
  • Cocktail Pairing Flavours: A cocktail pairing menu can enhance the guest’s overall dining experience by thoughtfully matching cocktail flavours and ingredients with each course.
  • Drawing inspiration from The Hawksmoor: The Hawksmoor embodies a commitment to excellence as reflected in their carefully curated Father's Day menu, pairing speciality cocktails with each course. 
  • Cocktail Pairing Recipes: The Käpre, the Bone Marrow Gibson and the Dying Embers are cocktail pairing drinks specially designed by The Hawksmoor Manchester’s Head Bartender Douglas Hogg.

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