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Whether you’re starting from scratch or refreshing your core skills, check out our must-read tips on getting back to basics!


Using a jigger or measure is one of the fundamentals of making mixed drinks. Knowing what you are putting in the glass is basic but vitally important.

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Mastering your shaking technique can be a great way to inject a bit of theatre into your cocktail making – guaranteed to wow your customers and enhance your serves.

Check out these top tips from industry experts and you’ll be shaking up a storm in no time!

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It may sound simple but stirring isn’t quite as easy as it seems! A good technique will ensure the perfect amount of dilution and chill to get those signature serves spot on every time. Check out our essential guide to master your stirring technique today.

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Muddling is a great technique to release flavour and aromas from your ingredients and it is a vital skill to know when creating some classic serves, such as a mojito or caipirinha. So let’s take a look at how to ensure your ingredients are muddled to perfection…

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Strainers – in their various shapes and sizes – allow greater control in creating a cocktail’s texture and are a quite recent addition to the cocktail bartender’s toolkit. Today, we look at the types, functions and drinks suited to different strainers as we consider the fine art of straining.