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With Food: Father's Day At The Hawksmoor

With Father’s Day approaching quickly, venues have a chance to customise their menus to enhance the customer experience and increase profits. Post-pandemic, customers are happy to pay a little extra for premium quality and better experiences and for venues that offer food, drinks pairings are essential in order to complement the flavours on offer – giving customers an unforgettable moment that will bring them back for the next big occasion.

For The Hawksmoor, special moments are at the heart of everything they do. The premium restaurant chain has multiple venues in the UK, Ireland and USA. Specialising in steak, the carbon-neutral restaurant has built a huge following and its restaurants are expected to be packed come Father’s Day.

Douglas Hogg, Head Bartender at Hawksmoor Manchester, has designed three-specialist cocktails that pair with the Father’s Day menu – one for each course.


Homemade funky aquavit brings together traditional Nordic ingredients as well as a light, sweet and nutty bite from the coconut. Shaken until velvety and paired with the freshest Brixham Crab. A perfect appetiser to excite any pallet.


50ml Ketel One (infused with toasted coconut, dill, caraway, anise and lemon)

Acidulated Cloudy Apple Juice


Miraculous Foamer


Shake and strain






Peychaud Bitters and Dill

Bone Marrow Gibson

The steak is topped with caramelised onion & melted bone marrow, making the dish super umami, rich and sweet. To pair with these flavours, we went with a Gibson style martini as it already has these sweet onion notes but we wanted to add a savoury edge. We caramelised red onions in butter and sugar, topped with bone marrow and then added to Pickle for 24 hours.


60ml Tanqueray

12.5ml Caramelised Onion & Bone Marrow Pickle

7.5ml Blanco Vermouth

20ml Filtered Water


Predilute and freeze to -14˚C




Martini Coupe


MSG & Sugar-Coated Blowtorched Pickled Onion

Dying Embers

Amaro and tequila is a flavour combination that just works well together; funky and fruity notes from the tequila pair well with the bitter and herbaceous flavours of amaro. Agave syrup brings both sweetness and acidity to drinks, but burning it also brings cinder toffee and caramel to the table. This works perfectly with the bitter-sweet profile of our sticky toffee pudding.


50ml Don Julio Blanco

15ml Burnt Agave

5ml Fernet






Lime Ash


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