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You may be familiar with the classic cocktails: the mojito, the cosmo and the margarita spring to mind. But what if we told you that there are a crew of talented, intrepid mixologists out there in our African cities reinventing and twisting up classic cocktails with their own inspired African versions? Wonder no more, because here is our selection of 4 African Cocktails Reimagined…

1. Elvis’ Plum Jam Whisky Sour

His customers can’t get enough of the kick, and now you can try Elvis Maluli’s Whisky Sour recipe for yourself. We’re sure you’ll agree, it’s the plum that makes it perfect.


To make it, mix 50ml Johnnie Black, 25ml lemon juice, 20ml sugar syrup, 1 teaspoon plum jam and 3 dashes Plum bitters.

Shake and strain over cubed ice.

Serve in an Old-fashioned glass.

*Contains 15g of alcohol.

2. Mannu’s Nu Era Spritz

Mannu The Mixologist shows why he was a finalist at Diageo World Class Kenya 2019 Championships with this savvy take on the classic spritz, fittingly named the Nu Era Spritz.


To make it, start by shaking 60ml Gordon's Gin, 30ml rosemary and clove syrup together

with 15ml sweet vermouth and 15ml lime juice. Then strain into a Collins glass, and top

up with orange-blossom water before serving.

*The Nu Era Spritz contains 17.8g of alcohol.

3. Briane’s Bulleit Envelope

‘Bartender Briane’, as he calls himself, really pushed the envelope with his Bulleit Envelope, inspired by the founder of Bulleit Bourbon, Augustus Bulleit. It evokes luxury and local vibes at the same time.


To create this signature cocktail, he stirs 60 ml butter-washed Bulleit Bourbon, 30 ml Sweet

Vermouth and 2 dashes Angostura Bitters and serves it in a gold-rimmed coupe with pegged


*The Bulleit Envelope contains 21g of alcohol.

4. Nico’s Nairobi Spice Mojito

Kenya believe it?! Nico Rukwaro is back with another re-invention of a classic cocktail. This time it’s the Mojito that gets a hit of Nairobi heat infused inside it.


Ingredients include: 6pcs mint, lime wedges, garden chili, 10ml sugar syrup, 60ml Smirnoff

Vodka, 75ml mango juice, soda water to lengthen, and ice.

*The Nairobi Spiced Mojito contains 17,78g of alcohol.