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Three Cocktails to Celebrate Father's Day

To inspire your Father's Day drinks menu, three leading bartenders share cocktail recipes that bring out the rich, complex characters of premium whiskies.   

Authors: Tim Philips-Johansson, Johnnie Walker Global Brand Ambassador; Manabu Ohtake, World Class Global Winner 2011; Erik Lorincz, World Class Global Winner 2010

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Father's Day is a great occasion to create cocktails that give guests the opportunity to celebrate their much-loved dads and father figures.    

To inspire your Father's Day drinks menu, we asked leading bartenders Tim Philips, Manabu Ohtake and Erik Lorincz to share cocktails that bring out the rich, complex characters of premium whiskies using flavour accents like ginger, orange, walnut and a variety of teas.

248 Ways to Drink Johnnie Walker

A well-balanced blend of sweetness, spice, smokiness, and fruitiness. This cocktail uses Johnnie Walker Blue Label, sugar syrup, bitters and flavoured ice.


An intriguing mix of sweet and bitter with a smooth and fruity character. This cocktail uses The Singleton of Glen Ord 12-year-old, mate tea leaves, orange marmalade and walnut bitters.

King’s Elixir

A harmonious blend of sweetness, smokiness, spiciness, and tanginess. This cocktail uses Johnnie Walker Blue Label, ginger liqueur, agave nectar with brewed matcha tea, Lapsang Souchong tea and lemon juice.

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As bars seek innovative ways to welcome more customers, Father’s Day presents an excellent opportunity to curate a distinctive cocktail menu and invite guests to pay special tribute to the fathers and father figures who have enriched their lives. 

Key Takeaways

  • Father's Day Celebration: Father's Day offers a wonderful occasion to commemorate and celebrate father figures in our guests’ lives through thoughtfully crafted cocktails. 
  • Elevating the Whiskey Experience: By complementing premium whiskies with diverse elements such as teas, syrups, and bitters, these cocktails offer guests an immersive exploration of flavours beyond traditional sipping. 
  • Embracing Crafted Experiences: Bars have an exciting opportunity to create memorable guest experiences by featuring these handcrafted cocktails or creating custom signature cocktails for their Father’s Day menus.

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