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Mother’s Day Menus: Learn From The Best

When someone says Mother’s Day, it’s hard not to think of family time with an Afternoon Tea. Ever increasing in popularity, more and more venues are looking to capitalise on the demand at this time of year to provide an unforgettable day for Mum.

Experience and quality are often dictated by price, however all establishments with an Afternoon Tea offering this Mother’s Day need to stand up and pay attention to what the best in class are doing.

Introducing Grantley Hall, a hidden jewel in the Yorkshire Dales. The five-star luxury hotel and wellness retreat boasts a Michelin-starred restaurant and five stunning bars – as you can expect, the Afternoon Tea offering is a hub of intricate detail, fine ingredients and bursts of flavour.

Bar Manager, Mircea Mirica has developed a cocktail to pair with the Afternoon Tea, but more on that later.

Need help with cocktail and food pairings? Check out this article!

The Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea serving at Grantley Hall, Ripon, Yorkshire

The Afternoon Tea menu is designed by Head Pastry Chef, Stefan Rose. The menu features a bright Mango & Jasmine Tea Cake, Milk Chocolate Choux à la Crème and a stunning Yorkshire Rhubarb 'Candle'. Rhubarb is an ingredient synonymous with Yorkshire, and this inspired Stefan to build his menu in this way.

Yorkshire ‘Forced’ Rhubarb is an out of season crop that is initially grown outside to toughen the plant's roots. After it has been exposed to the frost for several years, it is lifted and placed into forcing sheds which are dark and has heat applied that allows the rhubarb to grow quickly as it searches for light. The rhubarb is harvested by candlelight to maintain the tenderness of the shoots and ensure that growth continues. This process means that the rhubarb produces a sweeter crop that is more delicately flavoured with its famous vivid red colour.

The clean and strong-tasting rhubarb brings a flavour crescendo to the overall menu experience, which is preceded by light, fluffy sandwiches, an indulgent sausage roll and melt in the mouth scones – served with Devon clotted cream and homemade Yorkshire Strawberry & Raspberry Jam.

For those who fancy a sip of something a bit stronger than tea with their meal, Bar Manager Mircea Mirica, has developed “The Matriarch”, a bold, daring drink that compliments the meal but also celebrates key women in our lives.

The Matriarch

Image of the Matriarch Cocktail

“The Matriarch” is a refreshing, floral and zesty cocktail, infused with Cloud Catcher Tea, and is the perfect accompaniment to be enjoyed with Afternoon Tea. This twist on the classic G&T is a fantastic way to enhance your Afternoon Tea offering this Mother’s Day.


25ml Cloud Catcher Tea infused Tanqueray

15ml White Port

20ml Supasowa

15ml Homemade Cranberry and Pomegranate syrup

Top Elderflower Tonic Water


Champagne Flute decorated with flowers


Stir and Strain

This recipe contains 11.9 grams of alcohol

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