Jennifer Le-Nechet Global Winner

Jennifer Le-Nechet


Jennifer Le Nechet is our fresh new World Class winner of the year 2016

Tell us a little bit about you?

I have been bartending for about 5 years. Before this I studied Spanish and American Latin Literature and Culture. It was during my studies I had the chance to live in Spain for a year, where I discovered a new culture and lifestyle. When I got back to Paris I decided to work in the hospitality business.

I started to work in a classic French brasserie. This was only meant to be a temporary position but I found myself very comfortable behind the bar, and loved that every day was different and I got to meet lots of new and interesting people. I heard that Cafe Moderne in Paris was looking for a bartender so I decided to apply. I was delighted when I was given the opportunity to work there.

What made you enter World Class?

On joining Café Moderne I meant Mido, the owner, who introduced me to a range of new cocktail techniques. When I first applied for the job I was asked if I was keen to learn and push boundaries by participating in cocktail competitions, and after a few weeks Mido started to share his experience of World Class with me. Mido competed in World Class 2014 where he placed third - so he had a lot to teach me!

I was very curious about World Class because I always wanted to challenge myself professionally. I became increasingly inspired behind the bar in Cafe Moderne and after 6 months I finally had the opportunity to express myself when I was given the chance to put a couple of my cocktail creations on the menu. Mido guided me and taught me how to express my creativity and find my own style. World Class was the first ever cocktail competition I entered. The whole experience was amazing and when my name was announced as the winner I was overwhelmed! I’m excited now for what the year ahead will bring. Watch this space…