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A good menu influences your customer choices, sets your venue apart from competitors and can boost profits. Browse our content and get inspired to create the perfect menu for your venue. 


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  • 3 Spring Cocktail Ideas From Drink Experts

    3 Spring Cocktail Ideas from Drink Experts

    Attract more guests by making the most of seasonal trends like spring. It’s a simple way to update your bar menu, grab customer attention and use local, seasonal ingredients.

  • A Mother's Day Menu To Delight Guests

    A Mother's Day Menu to Delight Guests

    Take the opportunity to drive more footfall to your bar venue, with inspired food offerings and themed signature cocktails to elevate their experience on Mother's Day.

  • British Bank Holiday Cocktails

    British Bank Holiday Cocktails

    Discover three exciting summer cocktails for celebrations that go beyond Bank Holiday, featuring iconic British flavours!

  • How To Create A Profitable Bar Menu

    Create a Profitable Bar Menu

    A great menu is more than just a list of drinks you sell. Watch this video as Julian de Féral discusses tips for creating a profitable bar menu.

  • How To Create A Successful Cocktail Menu

    Create a Successful Cocktail Menu

    Creating a great cocktail menu can elevate the customer experience and increase sales in your bar. Discover expert tips for creating the perfect menu.

  • Creating Seasonal Cocktail Menus

    Creating Seasonal Cocktail Menus

     Learn how to create a seasonal cocktail menu that bring fresh flavours to your bar and keep guests coming back.

  • Innovative Serves For Summer

    Innovative Serves For Summer

    Recipes and advice to help you craft summer cocktails that will delight your guests.

  • Making The Most Of The Summer Months

    Making the Most of the Summer Months

    Learn how to get the most out of yourself and your bar during the exciting summer months.

  • Maximise Midweek Moments

    Maximise Midweek Moments

    No humps days here! Find out how Couch bar, Birmingham maximise quieter periods and draw in guests all week long.

  • The Perfect Hot Serve Cocktails

    Perfecting Hot Serve Cocktails

    Hot serve cocktails make an exquisite addition to your bar’s cocktail list to keep guests coming in and set your venue apart from the competition in the colder months.

  • Spritz Cocktails That Will Set Your Menu Apart

    Spritz Cocktails That Will Set Your Menu Apart

    From spritz inspo to dos and don’ts, and tips on how to promote these serves, learn all you need to know to make your spritz offerings a success.

  • The 12 Cocktails Of Christmas

    The 12 Cocktails of Christmas

    Start early planning for the festive season with our ultimate list of ‘winter warmers’ and Christmas drinks sure to delight and indulge your guests.

  • The Bartender's Bar Menu: Great Britain

    The Bartender's Bar Menu: Great Britain

    To mark the occasion of World Bartender Day, Diageo Bar Academy has gathered five of the UK's best bartenders to share their favourite cocktails. Discover their favourite recipes.

  • Three Cocktails To Celebrate Father's Day

    Three Cocktails to Celebrate Father's Day

    To inspire your Father's Day drinks menu, three leading bartenders share cocktail recipes that bring out the rich, complex characters of premium whiskies.

  • Valentine's Day Cocktails

    Valentine's Day Cocktails

    Attract guests to your bar on Valentine’s with love-inspired cocktails and tips from experienced mixologist and bar owner Mido Ahmed Yahi.