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We at Diageo Bar Academy are always on the hunt for new, exciting cocktail recipes. With summer fast approaching, where better to look for inspiration than the home of one of the world’s longest carnivals, the Montevideo Carnival in Uruguay, South America? We asked our Uruguayan bartender friends to provide Latin-infused recipes that are guaranteed to get your customers in the carnival spirit this summer.



15ml Sugar syrup

100ml Ginger ale

2 Orange slices

4 Wedges of lime

METHOD: Into a chilled highball glass add 1 orange slice, 3 wedges of lime and the sugar syrup and muddle. Fill the glass half way with cubed ice.

Add Captain Morgan's Spiced and top up with ginger ale. Add more cubed ice and top with more ginger ale if needed. Stir to combine and garnish with an orange slice and lime wedge.

(2 standard drinks*- 1.6 units per serve)


50ml TANQUERAYTM London Dry Gin

30ml Whisky liqueur

100ml Peach juice

1 Squeezed lime

2 Dashes cherry liqueur

1 Cucumber slice

Sprig of Lavender

METHOD: Add all the wet ingredients into shaker. Shake with ice and double strain into a vintage champagne glass. Garnish with a cucumber slice and a sprig of lavender.

(3.2 standard drinks*- 2.5 units per serve)



25ml Peach schnapps

80ml Orange juice

80ml Cranberry juice

METHOD: Fill Highball glass with cubed ice and add all ingredients. Stir to combine and garnish with a lime wedge.

(1.6 standard drinks*- 1.6 units per serve)


30ml TANQUERAYTM London Dry Gin

15ml Orange Liqueur

15ml Lemon juice

90ml Pineapple juice

4 Cloves

6 Pineapple chunks

8 Basil leaves

2tsp Sugar

1tsp Pomegranate Seeds

METHOD: Grind together the cloves, pineapple chunks and half the basil leaves in a shaker. Add the other ingredients and shake vigorously. Pour the mixture into a glass filled with cubed ice. Garnish with pomegranate seeds and the remaining basil leaves.

(1.3 standard drinks*- 1.4 units per serve)

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(*One standard drink contains 8g of alcohol)

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